Welcome to Mysplayer.com. We have been online since March 10th 2006. We were the first myspace music player and it all started as a web favor for a techno producer to use on his myspace page. His player was launched as the first MYsPLAYER and myspace music players were born. Immediately after the success of myspace music players, we started running upload sites and have been involved with mp3 websites ever since. Click our Partners menu above to visit all of our associated websites for downloading, searching, playing, and uploading mp3s and files of all types, as well as new tools to edit and manage your online content. Stay tuned, we will be collecting new popular flash players from around the internet and setting them up here. In the meantime, below are the original mysplayer players. To create your own player simply choose the one you like and click the create button and get started creating your myspace music player.

Requires Flash

All of our flash mp3 music players require the flash plugin. Sorry Ipad/Iphone users we are upset about Apple not liking flash player too. We will have something for your later. If you dont have flash installed and cant see the players below you can get it here!

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Dew Player

mBoX Drive We just got this player setup and are still working on it. In the meantime check it out and use the code generator to make your Dew Player. Check back soon and we wil have all the Dew Player options fully operational. This includes an XML Playlist generator and integration into all our upload sites.

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Billy Player

One of the most popular flash player for Tumblr and Blogspot, billy player has already made quite a name for itself online. As part of our improvements to MySplayer we are bringing all the players inhouse. Billy Player is the first one and you can find it here!

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Aliens MySplayer

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Angels MySplayer

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Simple MySplayer

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Small MySplayer

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Ipod MySplayer

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Earbuds MySplayer

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Dew Player Playlist

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